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How to Make Firefox Load Faster

April 27, 2006 4 comments

 Firefox may run quickly but it loads slowly; here's how to fix it
Note: This tip is not suitable for inexperienced computer users.

You can slash Firefox's slow load time by compressing the DLLs and executables. There are many choices for compression but I suggest you use UPX which is free, efficient and time proven.

1. Download UPX from

2. Unzip upx.exe into your Firefox installation folder which is normally C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox.

3. Make sure Firefox is not running then shell to a command prompt in the Firefox installation directory.

4. Type in the following command in a single line and hit return:

for %v in (*.exe *.dll components\*.dll plugins\*.dll) do upx "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\%v"

5. If on some later occasion you want to unpack the files, just type in the command above but add the decompression switch "-d" after "do upx."

Link: How to Make Firefox Load Faster 

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picotux – the smallest Linux Computer in the World

April 26, 2006 Leave a comment

Picotux 100

The picotux 100 is the world's smallest Linux computer, only slightly larger (35mm×19mm×19mm) than an RJ45 connector.

Link: picotux – the smallest Linux Computer in the World

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Switch from Windows XP to Mac OSX with ease!

April 26, 2006 1 comment

Here’s a guide that outlines some basic and interesting things about Mac OSX that will make any Windows user completely at ease if you ever end up having to work on Macs.

Link: Switch from Windows XP to Mac OSX with ease! 

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Handy programs to put on a USB stick

April 26, 2006 Leave a comment

A list of free programs that do not require an installation and can be used directly from your USB stick or any other removable drive.

Link: Handy programs to put on a USB stick

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Mozilla for Windows x64 platform

April 26, 2006 1 comment

Firefox and Thunderbird for 64bit platform. 

Link: Mozilla for Windows x64 platform  

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World’s Largest Capacity Storage Arrays

April 26, 2006 Leave a comment

Fujitsu recently launched what it claims to be the world's largest storage array, the ETERNUS 8000 and ETERNUS 4000 storage arrays. Weighing in at 1.36 petabytes, or 1.36 million gigabytes, the ETERNUS file storage arrays push the envelope for enterprise data storage systems.

Link: Fujitsu Announces World's Largest Capacity Storage Arrays, 1.3 Petabytes 

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The Next Generation Programming Language: D

April 26, 2006 Leave a comment

Like Java because of its nicely structured classes and uncomplicated syntax, but wish it had the power and efficiency of C or C++? Look no further than than D!

Link: D Programming Language 

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