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Amazing R/C Airplane flying

June 7, 2006 1 comment

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Unbelievable golf hole in one

June 7, 2006 Leave a comment

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DeLorean Mac Mini

June 7, 2006 Leave a comment

Totally customized Delorean suited up with a Mac Mini system. The screen is projected onto the hood! Be sure to go to the ":Why a Delorean" section to see the pics.

Link: DeLorean Mac Mini 

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Creating landing sites in WordPress

June 7, 2006 Leave a comment

This guide helps you to create a list of related posts, when a visitor is referred to your blog from a search engine. You are shown how to make a script, that will grab the search string from the referring search engine, and find matching posts in your blog.

Link: Creating landing sites in WordPress 

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27,000 year old portrait discovered

June 7, 2006 1 comment

Scientists believe they have found what the believe to be the oldest portrait of a human face on record. With picture.

Link: 27,000 year old portrait discovered 

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PS2 Included with Every PS3

June 7, 2006 2 comments

GameDaily reports that Japanese magazine "Ultra One" has discovered PS3 will include the PS2 chipset hardware to provide hardware-based backwards compatibility until a software-based emulator is complete, upon which PS2 hardware will cease to ship PS2 hardware within the PS3, possibly allowing for a small price reduction.

Link: PS2 Included with Every PS3  

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MiniPC Japan, Pentium M Powered

June 7, 2006 Leave a comment

MiniPC Japan, Pentium M Powered

If the Core Duo is still too much expensive for you, or if this is too much power for you, well MiniPC Japan propose a Pentium M Version which can support up to the M780 CPU. Here we no longer have SATA nor DDR2 Ram but ATA and DDR333 SDRAM, this for only 160x125x55mm.

Link: MiniPC Japan, Pentium M Powered

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