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Bootable copy of Windows on a USB flash drive

July 27, 2006 Leave a comment

Windows In Your Pocket

Ever have a problem with the windows registry, or a pesky virus? Have no fear, fix it with a bootable copy of windows no further away than your pocket or key chain.

Link: Windows In Your Pocket

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Rootkits get better at hiding

July 20, 2006 2 comments

“A new Trojan horse is so good at hiding itself that some security researchers claim a new chapter has begun in their battle against malicious code authors.”

Link: Rootkits get better at hiding

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Top 10 dumbest online business ideas that made it big time.

July 20, 2006 Leave a comment

Here is the list of the ideas that made a big time.

Link: Top 10 dumbest online business ideas that made it big time

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Guide to Useless Services

July 20, 2006 Leave a comment

Here is a look at the default set of services that come with a fresh installation of Windows XP. “We’ll tell you the ones that you don’t need and try to tell you why, so you can disable them without any problems.”

Link: Guide to Useless Services (Windows XP SP2)

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Google’s unknown artist has huge following

July 20, 2006 Leave a comment

The 28-year-old webmaster designs the whimsical logos that decorate’s otherwise Spartan Web site on special occasions.

Link: Google’s unknown artist has huge following

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Noob’s guide to manual photography

July 20, 2006 Leave a comment

Some might ask why you would want or need to modify camera settings manually when the camera can do it for you ‘just fine.’ If you really want to end up with expressive photographs instead of mere snapshots, this beginner’s guide is a must-read. I personally didn’t really get into photography until I learned the manual controls. Check it out.

Link: Beginner’s guide to manual photography

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Create a secure Linux-based wireless access point

July 20, 2006 Leave a comment

Wi-Fi Protected Access version 2 (WPA2) is becoming the de facto standard for securing wireless networks, and a mandatory feature for all new Wi-Fi products certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. We all know the security weaknesses of its predecessor, WEP; this time they got it right. Here’s how to implement the WPA2 protocol on a Linux host.

Link: | Create a secure Linux-based wireless access point

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