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Yahoo! Mail now offers free text messaging to mobile phone numbers

August 28, 2007 Leave a comment

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! has made a couple new major updates to its Yahoo! Mail application that enables people to connect in a few more ways.

The new version of Yahoo! Mail now includes some intuitive communication features that make it a little easier for contacts to stay in touch. The first is the ability to send instant messages from Yahoo! Mail to mobile phone numbers. Mail users can now choose to send IM’s to mobile numbers in the US, Canada, India and the Philippines without leaving Yahoo!’s web mail interface. Users simply enter a mobile phone number, type a message and send it.

The second Mail integration is the ability to send instant messaging straight from Yahoo! Mail to Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger users. This opens up chatting to millions of other IM users, straight from the Yahoo! Mail interface possible. These new features make it easier to connect with friends by converting emails to instant messages to text messages.

Yahoo! Mail IM and mobile feature enhancements will begin rolling out to users worldwide today. And if you are into adding a few new colors to the interface to spice things up, there are six customizable color themes available.

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